About Us

LifeStyle in Chic

Lifestyle in Chic is an online platform created with one mission in mind, to encourage fashion recycling by making pre-owned luxury fashion shopping as effortless as possible.

This idea was born out of a love for shopping, but also due to a consciousness of the negative effect the fashion industry has on the environment. Not only does recycling fashion reduce the amount of waste output by the industry, but also it means that every drop of energy and water that went into producing each item is not spent in vain. 
Luxury fashion recycling allows products to have a longer life, and did we mention that it’s a lot easier on the pockets too because, quite frankly, money doesn’t grow on trees!

We’re founded in London by a female in tech who believes that innovation and technology will allow us to do the same things we enjoy, but not at the expense of the planet. We believe in providing value for free to build a strong community, because there’s power in numbers.