What is Sustainable Fashion?

What is sustainable fashion?

Before we define sustainable fashion, let’s look at the Cambridge English dictionary definition of the word “sustainable”. It’s defined as being “able to continue over a period of time”. This means using resources and producing things that don’t cause unnecessary damage in order for the process to continue for time to come.

In fashion, sustainability means buying items that will last for a long time, whether that’s in your own wardrobe or in someone else’s (preloved items). It’s also about what goes into producing fashion items such as human resources and materials. We want the people producing our clothes to do so in ethical conditions that are good enough for them to live well for a long time and we want efficient use of the materials required for production (such as water & energy) so they’re sustained for generations to come.

Our view of sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is a journey, which we at Lifestyle in Chic want to make as fun as possible. Fashion is all about having fun and being creative, and we think sustainability only adds to this which is why we don’t encourage sustainability-shaming. Different people and brands will be at different stages of the journey towards sustainability and in most cases it’s unrealistic to expect an overnight 360-turn into a sustainable lifestyle because we acknowledge that humans are naturally imperfect so we will make mistakes along the way. Rather, the goal is to raise the awareness of sustainable fashion and things we can do to make progress on this journey.

How can we have a more sustainable fashion system?

There are different ways that brands and/or consumers can implement sustainable fashion practices, some of which include:

  • producing clothing from recycled materials
  • taking a slow-fashion approach where you only buys things you truly need to reduce the chance of wastage
  • buying and selling pre-loved to encourage a longer product-lifespan and reduce waste
  • repairing & reviving damaged clothes rather than just discarding them
  • carbon offsetting – some companies are calculating the carbon emissions caused in the fashion production process and acting to counteract this by doing things such as planting trees
  • renting fashion, this is great method for statement pieces that can’t be worn too many times
  • educating ourselves on the brands we purchase from and their business practices – not all fast-fashion companies can be labelled as bad, and not all sustainable-brands can be called good

Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are on sustainable fashion – do you use any of the methods above?

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